You’re about to announce your wedding to your family and friends but you’re seeking for something more adventurous instead of normal static photos. You then decide that you want to have a save-the-date pre-wedding video to go against the norm but there’s just one tiny little problem – you don’t know how to be comfortable in front of a camera!

Knowing that every small movement you make will be recorded on your pre-wedding video, you panic even more. But hold on! What if we told you we have just the right tips for you to defeat that camera shyness of yours?

Before the videoshoot even begins here are some things you would like to take note!


Have A Wedding Videographer You Can Be Comfortable With

Finding a videographer you feel comfortable and one who can relate to you is the ultimate first step wedding couples should take. Within the first few minutes of the conversation, you can see if a personal relationship is developing and if it does, this makes it easier for you to be less tensed during your wedding shoot. As you let him know the idea for your shoot, he should be sincerely hearing what you have to say and at the same time giving you suggestions like a professional wedding videographer should.

Discuss The Filming Approach

To prepare yourself, it would be a good idea to ask how your pre-wedding video filming will go about, if it will be filmed up close or from a certain angle. If you have some perspectives or ideas in mind, voice it out to see what your videographer advises. This will also depend on your venues if there are places at your venue which would make an ideal wedding shoot backdrop.

Give Them A Headstart

To ease all the seriousness and formalities, get your wedding videographer inspired! By sharing with them your love story, it’ll definitely get them excited and have a rush of ideas in their head with the adrenaline and eagerness to film your video! As the conversation becomes more like a sharing of your heartfelt moments and you get excited to express your love in front of each other, remember how that feels and portray it on the day of your shoot!

Look Your Best

Have you ever realized that the way you dress reflects how you actually feel on the inside? It’s because research has proved that what you wear affects how confident you feel. Be it whether it’s a casual style shoot with your favourite dress and heels or your handpicked wedding dresses from your bridal shop, make sure you feel confident and great in it! For your groom, a white collared shirt,  crisp lean pants and perhaps a blazer to go over will do just the trick! Not only will you look great but feel great too 😉 This gives you just the right amount of confidence to be camera-shy no more.


Keep It Short and Sweet

We know you’ve had so many significant moments together that you want to squeeze all of them into a few minutes of your cinematography and that’s really sweet but not very wise. Having elaborate scripts or plans will leave you to be more nervous and may end up having more retakes than you can ever imagine. It doesn’t matter if you are unable to put every memory you want into the video because what matters most is this milestone you both are going through together, so enjoy this moment and just have fun!

Rest When You Should

Last but not least, go a little easy on yourself and take breaks in between! Most of the times your videographer/photographer will give you ample time to rest because they too know how exhausting it can be! During these breaks, just spend a few minutes with your other half, talk normally and you can ease any anxiety before the next scene. This also prevents any completely posed scenes which you will want to edit out from your video. At the same time, winding down and relaxing takes your mind off that you are actually filming your wedding video.

We hope these tips will help you feel comfortable and make you camera-shy no more! The important thing though is just to be confident with yourself and enjoy the moments you have together. After all, the whole point of making this video is to commemorate your special celebration by doing something fun together. So instead of focusing on the camera, focus on your other half instead, say the words that comes from you heart and you’ll have a very wonderful keepsake at the end of the day.

If you’re still looking for ideas to do a save-the-date invitation or just want a pre-wedding video to capture all your memories together, come let our team pass you a cup of fresh brewed creativity! Or if you already have ideas just waiting for them to be unleashed, let us know at!

P.S Stay tuned for more tips sharing for your wedding :)

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